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VS code snippet transfrom

The filename is currently filename.dto.ts

I'm trying to transform filename.dto.ts to FilenameInput or FilenameOutput

However, it seems this is not a way to select the second group using regex.

How can I properly select the second regex group and transform it?

export class ${TM_FILENAME_BASE/^(.)|(.dto)$/${1:/upcase}$2/}Input {}
export class ${TM_FILENAME_BASE/(.dto)//}Output {}`

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1 Answer

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Try this:

export class ${TM_FILENAME_BASE/^([^.]*).*/${1:/pascalcase}$2/}Input {}"

Your first capture group is everything up to the first ..

Then you need to match everything else .* will match .dto (and don't replace it with anything since you don't want it in your result).

You do not need a second capture group but the previous version I showed did have a capture group 2 (but it wasn't transformed) and it looked like:

export class ${TM_FILENAME_BASE/^(.)([^.]*).*/${1:/upcase}$2/}Input {}

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