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python - Varying speed when messages are sent and recieved by discord bots

I have a discord bot that sends sequences of messages, and I've noticed that there is a greater delay between the 5th and 6th messages, 10th and 11th, 5nth and 5n+1th messages than the others, so I wrote some code to explore it:

import asyncio
import typing

async def count_to(ctx, numeral: typing.Optional[int] = 1):
    for i in range(numeral):
        await ctx.send(i)

async def count_to_2(ctx, numeral: typing.Optional[int] = 1):
    await asyncio.gather(*[ctx.send(i) for i in range(numeral)])

My intuition was that using asyncio.gather would help but it doesn't. I'm not sure where the speed bump is coming from - does anyone know what is causing it and how to rewrite count_to to get around it?

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