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laravel - how to get id from url to add it in database as a foreign key in another table

i want to get id form url and use it as a foreign key to put it in table in database when i do it like that a got an error that tour_id column is embty

    public function addtour(Request $request,$id) {
    $form_data = array(

        'user_id' =>  $request->input("user_id",auth::user()->id),
        'tour_id' => $request->input("tour_id",$id),
    return view('submit_tour');

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You want to define a route that has the id as a parameter, so something like:

Route::get('/add-tour/{id}', [TourController::class, 'addTour']);  // Laravel 8
Route::get('/add-tour/{id}', '[email protected]'); // Laravel 7

The {id} parameter in the URL will be passed in as the $id in your addTour function.

What you then do with the $id such as checking it is valid is up to you.

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