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javascript - Save and restore window y position in Next js / React

I'm using nextjs Link with shallow and replace properties to change url from /author to /author?book=234523452 when the query is detected page conditionally hides an InfiniteScroll component and show a component with a single book instead. Single book component has a "X" to go back (also wrapped within a Link) so to show again the InfiniteScrollComponent.

What I'm trying to do is save the current window Y on query (single book) and when the "X" gets clicked move to that stored position via useState.

I'd like to mention that unfortunately scroll={false} doesn't work for my case.

this is my page relevant code:

const [scrollPos, setScrollPos] = useState()

const readUrl = (url, bool) => {
  if (url){
    setScrollPos(window.pageYOffset || document.documentElement.scrollTop)
    router.events.on('routeChangeComplete', () => {
      if (typeof window !== "undefined") {

if (url) means it's routing from /author (so with InfiniteScroll component) to /author?book=234523452 (with single book), else means the "X" got clicked basically and so is routing back to /author

The setTimeout(function() seems to work most of the times but not always, and also adds an ugly moving effect to it

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You can set scrollPos for reach retainedComponent and there is detailed guidance here

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